Our historical past and our far-sightedness: two co-existing and complementary values.

Our hallmark has always been to carry out all processes in-house and oversee the entire production chain in order to control each step and ensure quality.

In addition to this, we have always been driven by a desire for modernity and technological innovation.

Because quality footwear is the outcome of studies, research and tradition, and involves many ‘invisible’ components.

We offer many brands our support, guaranteeing an all-round service and quality control, thanks to all sample creation and production phases in the pattern-making department (pre-production and production), and to a high level of engineering at all times.

We successfully respond to market trends in a flexible, efficient and well-organised manner, since our company is divided into highly specialised departments.

Style and R&D department

This department works in close collaboration with the shoe designer, offering assistance in selecting materials and researching trends. It deals with designing and modelling shoes using 2D and 3D CAD systems, creating prototypes for sample collections and fashion shows. It enables the engineering and optimisation of all the various stages of production start-up.

Laser Marking Machine

This advanced technology allows each individual part of the shoe to be marked and customised, such as the leather and soles, guaranteeing standardised processing and unique unmistakeable products.


An “objective” Quality Control system for shoe production, with 8 fixed stations located at crucial phases of the production chain, enables the entire manufacturing process to be monitored reliably.

X-RAY System

A safety system that allows an X-ray scan to exclude the presence of foreign bodies inside the footwear.

RFID traceability system

Our products are equipped with RFID technology that can monitor and keep track of all the processes involved in manufacturing each shoe. In this way, we can create a kind of product ID card.

Block Chain certification

We have a Block Chain certification system, unique in the industry, allowing us to guarantee the quality of our product by transparently tracking the entire production chain.